Hex Empires: Grave Consequences is a strategy game where you can fulfill all of your deepest dreams of becoming a bloodthirsty dictator without taking the fluffy slippers off your feet. If by any means you feel an urge to invade a real country just take a deep breath, count
to ten, and play our game instead.











Dear mindless penguins who play internet games!

Hex Empire: Grave Consequences, is the most addictive turn base strategy game I have ever played, its up there on my top 10 favorite games along side Lemmings, Minecraft, Pixel Lincoln, Halo, Plants Vs Zombies, Mario Cart, the Total War series and Hex Empire 1.

This game combines my love of the board game Risk, Grand strategy, Hexagons and violent destruction. it’s not just the violence that i love about the game but also it’s other features like map building, single player, grave markers for dead soldiers and soon a campaign.

Also because the game is still developing there are always new updates, which makes the game an ever changing battle field. I’m sure the players of Beta minecraft understand this, each update means “it’s like a whole new game”… i think thats the worst reference i have ever made.

The game is filled with small bits of comedy and the creators work very hard to keep up with player demands, probably because we keep having new ones. I can’t stress how fun and addictive this game is, so just come and try it out for yourself!

bv2JAMES FELTON (felton)

In the era of cheaply made apps, it is rare to find a game whose creators actually want to make a good game. I play Hex Empires because I like good strategy games that make you think. I play board games like Risk, Chess and Go, and Hex Empires is one of the few video games that can actually be called a strategy game.

The game matches are fast-paced, intense, and can get your heart going when the battle gets hot. The matches are short, usually less than 30 – 45 minutes. No player is given any advantage over any other, so even the top players can be beaten if they are outwitted. Who will win is never settled, and matches can be won by players who are losing, but able to strategize a come back.

The maps are beautiful to look at with vibrant colors, ocean waves, clouds and fog. They are randomly generated giving you many options of the kind of strategy you want to take. Battles and bombs leave behind craters, blown up cities, and destroyed roads, which alter the terrain, forcing you to devise new strategies and tactics.

The game designers are nice, and sometimes will join in a game with you. They’ve made a fun and beautiful strategy game. No tricks or gimmicks. Just bring your brain, and your desire for victory.


I like, even love Hex Empires because it is very complex and interesting, and absolutely not boring strategic game. At the same time it gives you possibility to rule your Empire, prepare complex strategic plans, manage diplomacy and immediately see them realizing, whilst your enemies try to realize thier own strategies, which creates perfect imitation of real war (as far as I understand it :) ) And you have do it all very quickly, in nearly real-time regime, which makes you thrill and be absolutely deep in the game every second and gives you a whole lot of different emotions. Upon the end of each game (which takes 10 or 20 minutes) I feel as if I just saw the great war movie, or lived a very interesting different life.

Many players mode both in single and multi player regime makes the war situation change every minute, so most of the gameplay time you deal with new enemies and war situations.

av_timofeyTimofey V. Aleshkin

I remember playing Hex Empire 1 for the 1st time a few years ago and I loved it, I used to play it all the time and always choose the hardest country to see if I could win using them. I also played Hex Empire 2 and was a bit disappointed but I continued to play the 1st one.

Then one day in Uni my friend, Felton, typed in Hex Empires on Google looking for the original game when he found Hex Empires: Grave Consequences. I was very excited when he showed me and the 1st thing I did after getting home was pay to become a member and after a few hours playing the game I persuaded Felton to join (he was a little hesitant at 1st because he had to pay) and boy do I regret that? Since then we have enjoyed fighting to the death in this great game and meeting new players online and climbing the leaderboard.

bv1black adder

Simplicity, variety, challenges and lots of fun that is the recipe of this game.

For people like me who need challenges to sharpen their mind I think this is the perfect place without having to go through long games full of gaming jargon. Every day and every map is different and brings new challenge and fun to table. fun starts without a delay when u click ’I m ready’. The interest and the level of fun always are on the rise.

I have been playing hex empire 1 for many years now and I still play it to this very day. Just like the hex empire 1 made the strategy game a fun experience, Hex Empire Grave Consequences has taken it to a whole new level. This is the place where cool minded strategy, adrenaline rush and cold-blooded courage meet to make every day a memorable experience. I and my friends remember those memorable experiences and cherish them. Just to remind you it is not gonna take long for you to go through making an empire, destroying an empire and conquering an empire for yourself, this is so easy for those who are ready to take ’Grave consequences’. I know nobody would be willing to miss on this opportunity, so start playing!


I was a poor, lonely dictator who had grow tired of endlessly suppressing his people. I know it is hard to believe but the enjoyment of hearing the screams as your secret police brutally torture people eventually fades until you have to put on a fake evil grin. The sound of millions of marching boots trampling whole other countries because their rulers told a joke you didn’t think was very funny, or they served you burnt toast at breakfast, or the beer was flat at the party they threw in your honor, also becomes everyday boring.
I was almost thinking about retiring and letting my empire become a democracy. (I shudder now at that thought)

But then….

Hex Empires : Grave Consequences came into my life and saved me.

I almost had given into good, but now darkness and evil will come back, stronger then ever before. The joy of blowing up things surges through my veins once more! If you did not tremble at my feet before, very shortly you will. As many great ones have said before me, Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!

av_tstmloneFred the Great! (tstmlone)

Notice from the Mental Health Institution:
“We let the patient play for therapeutical reasons. He’s not dangerous anymore, probably.”